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Street Ranger
Street hood Leon Brown escapes a prison sentence by agreeing to sign up with the US Army Rangers. His father’s friend and former Ranger pulled the necessary strings to make that happen and it was supposed to put Leon back on the straight and narrow. For a while it nearly did. But what would you do if your little sister was murdered?

Leon returns to Miami and hands down his own form of justice using the skills he’s learnt in combat. But the streets don’t play by the same rules and when he betrays the Ranger Creed he sets himself on a dark path.

Can Leon’s new code of honor triumph or will the streets corrupt him again?

Book One
A young black woman with a natural lyrical gift. A street dealer taking control of Miami. A documentary film maker atoning for his past. An assassin who’s ready to kill them all.

Nia is a successful rap artist, talented and beautiful. She’s got it all, a record deal, her own club, and a man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. She loves Leon more than anything. He’s smart, and rising to the top, but the Miami streets are getting too risky for Nia. She’s torn between her loyalty to him and her own future.

Before she can decide what to do, her past comes calling. There are people who want to take everything away from her and will do anything to bring her down. Soon there’s a warrant out for her arrest, now she’s one of America’s most wanted, and an assassin has her in his sights.

After finding a strange note from her mother, Nia is in a race against time to unravel the truth about her past. Her father was always a mystery to her and, as much as she wanted answers, she didn’t expect this.

Keep Your Friends Close (FREE COPY)
Cameron Hicks is a twenty-three year-old hustler. On the surface he has it all. Luxury house, fast car and only a few months left on probation. But what he’s got he fought hard to get and Tiana, his ex-girlfriend, is trying to take it away from him.

He wants out the game because his music career is about to take off and he can’t risk anything that would send him back to jail. Tiana has a hold over him. She knows it’s over between them but won’t move out. Now she’s pushing Cameron into doing one last job so she can get a cut and leave.

The only thing is he won’t do it. He can’t take the risk.

Cameron sets his sights on a girl he meets in a bar and things heat up when she turns out to be Tiana’s younger sister Laila. She’s come down to Miami from New Orleans because Tiana needs her help.

Cameron is in for a long hot summer. Is the only way out to take the job? And can he trust his crew if they know he wants out?

Keep Your Enemies Closer
A woman held against her will. A young hustler out for revenge. Millions of dollars missing from a heist. Mercenaries ready to kill. A chase to The Bahamas.

Cameron had everything taken from him, his brother, his rap career, and his chance to go legit. His girl, Laila, had it much worse.

They were both played by Laila’s sister, for millions of dollars in dirty money. Cameron and Laila try to piece their lives back together but Cameron is under pressure to get the money back. And that involves tracking down Laila’s sister and risking everything all over again.

The chase takes them from Miami to the Bahamas, where danger awaits. The other players aren’t going to let them just take the money. Can Cameron and Laila walk away from this with each other and their lives?